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T he portrayal of the USA which, not so much during the period of the Revolution from 1776 to 1783, but above all from the phase of the expansion in the West at the expense of the native Redskins, has been called “Americanism”.

By this term, one means an “exceptionalist” concept in the role of the American nations, which is considered as a second Israel, destined to impose its own “way of life” upon the rest of the world. It deals with a widespread ideology found above all in the Republican political party environment and in the deep south of the country. There is a particularly high appreciation in Texas and in the so-called “wasp” areas (White Anglo-Saxon Protestan) often considered to be the elite in turn within a privileged nation.
The main feature of Americanism is the interference in the other states, initially in the nearby Latin American nations (considered to be the “back yard” of the United States and a kind of “ Banana Republic”) and more and more often also in the States which are further away. The reasons given to such interventionism are the institution of Democracy and freedom but clearly the true causes are totally different to these and are certainly not noble causes, given that the American interventions are seen in regions which are rich in natural resources and that have to be governed; firstly and directly by means of military intervention, then afterwards by means of collaborationist governments. The most recent and one of the most tragic case of this imperialistic strategy has been the Iraqi conflict. A confirmation of the fact that the United States of America has not had as a priority, civil freedom comes from the support of a great number of dictators, amongst which the numerous governments of the Arabian peninsular. First of all is Saudi Arabia, very repressive within the country and with a government enslaved to the Americans on the outside (despite the fact that all these governments support the Palestinian cause only by the word of mouth). Naturally, amongst Saudi people and subsequently also in the other populations of the Arabian peninsular, there are many wonderful people but the most deep-rooted feelings towards those populations are antiZionist and anti-Imperialistic. However it’s undeniable that their governments are inclined towards getting closer to the Americans ….

Ariel Sharon and George Bush Jr

Indian authoress Arundhati Roy

Yet, coming back to politics in America, historically the American “Old Right” was isolationist, even if racial segregation was rife especially concerning Red Indians, isolated within reserves and towards the coloured populations marginised within ghettos. The turning point occurred with Woodrow Wilson, patron of the Society of the Nations of World War II, which under the cover of humanitarian idealism hid imperialistic aims at the world. Unfortunately, Americanism consolidated many Americans due to religious distortion: in a contradiction to Christian antidiscriminative equality, usually with protestant roots, yet still called Christians, referring more to the Old Testament than to the New.
From here, the idea also basically anti-Christian, of the American population, believers in an exceptional destiny, above and beyond all other nations. Here is another reason for the otherwise only partially explainable deep influence of the Jewish lobby, whose main organisation is the powerful “ Anti Defamation League” and whose principal exponent is Rabbi Marvin Hier. He was amongst the main elements of pressure which brought to extradition of Priebke from Argentina to Italy: an illegal extradition. The hegemony is not comprehensible only due to the numerous elite positions covered by the Jews (even if they are still 6 million out of 200 million inhabitants. In Czarist Russia, which was once the country where was the biggest number of Jews, instead they kept them decisively on one side). The acritical support to the Zionist political criminals on behalf of the Americans was not therefore only the fault of the powerful Jewish organisations and of the passiveness and misinformation of the majority. It is a more serious and deep-rooted problem.

The sad list of the American politicians is to succumb to this ideology is long: it ranges from the Vice-president Dick Cheney to Donald Rumsfeld to Paul Woolfowitz, passing via M. Leeden, important exponent of the filoZionist “American Enterprise Institute” to the very George W. Bush, who arbitrarily defined himself as being “ a reborn Christian”, that is, morally reborn during the conflict fought against an enemy to which he attributes metaphysical phrases. “In the conflict between Good and Evil, God isn’t impartial”, Bush declared whilst addressing Congress on 20th September 2001 during his exalting speech. The divinity to which he really refers is that of the Jews above any other.
A confirmation of this widespread ideology, one recalls, taking a step backwards in time, to an event for which, the English were responsible (allies, of the Americans in such a political-religious ideology) was the inhuman, terrible massacre of Hamburg (approximately 50,000 German civilians killed without there being any significant military objective in mind) called “Operation Gomorra” These theses do not seem to be excessive: they are furthermore documented in a magisterial way by an expert originally from the Anglo-Saxon world, John Kleeves, amongst whose works we can remember “Human Sacrifices” concerning terrorist bombings (publicised by “Il Cerchio”, The Circle, in Rimini in 1993 and “Un Paese Pericoloso” (A Dangerous Country), issued by the Publishing company, Barbarossa under the subtitle “An un-romanced history of the USA” .

The afro-american leader Louis Farrakhan of National of Islam

Woodrow Wilson

Furthermore, the very religious Harry Truman ordered the atomic attack against Hiroshima and Nagasaki, still today an un-equalled nuclear crime. In order to save soldiers’ lives he allowed, a holocaust of a devastating number of civilians …Another inherited thing of a Jewish matrix (Old Testament and Talmud) which has been adopted by an important part of the American society is Puritanism in a moral context. This Puritanism, is usually (both the American Society and that of the Israeli Jews are, in reality amongst the most uninhibited within the custom). However, the circumstance remains that certain traditional rules which form part of the Jewish religion, permit the execution of people found guilty of sexual crimes. For example stoning and lapidation for individuals who were found not to be virgins at the time of marriage and for adulterers. In some texts this punishment was only for women whilst in others it was for both men and women: also homosexuality and prostitution are considered to be crimes worthy of the death sentence, although they may not belong to any particular Christian group (and even if the rules are not actually enforced). In some way they indirectly influenced certain American filoZionist environments of a Calvinistic origin ( according to the Calvinistic heresy, there is also a predestined divine preference that manifests itself with the success of the world).

Here , coming from such Puritanism is the fact that the preferred methods of “entrapping” Presidents and potential Presidents are the scandals of a sexual nature. However, the limit of “strangeness” has been reached by these Christian -Zionist environments (it is almost an oxymoron, given that it would be better to define a non-Jew follower of Zionism at the most FiloZionist, given the Jewish nationalist character of this ideology) with the recent statements made by the American preacher Jerry Falwel, regarding the activity of the Bible Belt in favour of the “Christian Zionists”. According to what has been publicised in the French newspaper “Le Figaro” on 10th April 2003, Falwel considers the creation of Israel as being the most important day after the Advent of Jesus Christ. Taken from his own literal reading of the Bible ( without any allegorical interpretation and not in the light of the Gospels), Falwel proclaims his own unconditional support towards the Jewish State, so that the reunification of the land considered by them to be promised, to bring also “the complete extermination of the Jews in the reconstituted temple” by divine will as a sign of their happy ending to time.
Practically, for Falwel and his followers, the creation of Israel is a sign indicating the end of the world: one way to speed up the arrival of the end of the world is to help the consolidation of the Jewish State: the end of the world shall be sealed (and it is a common vision seen by the Christian and Islamic eschatology) from the end of the temple. It would be natural to ask oneself what the Jews themselves thought about such temporary allies ….Is there any prospect of real opposition within the USA itself towards this unconditional filoZionism? In reality, very few. Amongst the few groups who fight against the ideology of preventive war and for another kind of peace with respects to the false type of flattery by the powerful. Talking on this matter, one could recall the historical Latin Tacito, and his famous phrase ” They made a desert and they called it peace”. We can remember a few white people (amongst these the producer of the documentary “Farenheit 11th September”, Michael Moore, using real footage) and a greater percentage of exponents of minority races, for example the “ Black Panthers" ( Afro-American) and above all the “Nation of Islam” of Luis Farrakhan , a black Islamic-American group.

Redskin child

Finally, in order to remember how false the postulation stating that the United States of America are uninterested carriers of civility throughout the world, we recall the efficient and beautiful words of the Indian authoress Arundhati Roy, who speaking to the British newspaper “The Guardian” in April 2003, stated: ”Once Saddam Hussein’s regime is over, it is likely that someone will dance in the streets of Bassora. However, should Bush’s regime come to an end, dancing would be seen in all the streets of the world".

(translation into English by Terry Marshall) [This article was published on these Italian journals: Avanguardia, Rinascita, il Quotidiano di Caserta, L'Altra Voce, Caserta24ore, Deasport, Ciaoeuropa, Il Popolo d'Italia, Napolibera]

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