Second interview with Alessandra Mussolini

During this exclusive interview, Alessandra Mussolini, in Strasbourg due to her role in the European Parliament, expresses herself on some of the most important matters both national and international. Her observations are particularly important, both for its intrinsic contents and also for the intense organisation given to Azione Sociale (Social Action) right in the Caserta area by her manager Renato Carfora, whose extreme dedication is directed towards recovering disillusioned people from the centre right, in order to lead them towards the political party Alternativa Sociale (Social Alternative): it deals with the recovering from the centre right, and not within the centre right. Naturally, the reference is to the people who have felt orphans of the values, which mirror the classical values: ”God, Country and Family”, considered to be ridden roughshod over in Alternativa Sociale . Carfora highlights this even after Gianfranco Fini turned his face from him on the matter of the referendum, which obviously didn’t give him pleasure, as part of a more general lining up of the alliance leader towards the more loutish left wing and to the more frenetic liberalism. As regards this, Carfora could not do no better than quote the famous journalist Marcello Veneziani, who has recently stated that Fini had eaten his own brain…

Q.) Hon. Mussolini, Liberta’ di Azione (Freedom to Act) has just been renamed “Azione Sociale con Alessandra Mussolini” (Social Action with Alessandra Mussolini). Does this change mean that there have also been some certain changes in programme within your party as well as in the other three, which form the coalition Alternativa Sociale (Social Alternative)?

A.) Yes, it means, above all, a major boost on the social side, which is our priority, infact it is the main priority of our movement. Therefore, Azione Sociale expresses even more the meaning of our duty aimed at this, hardship, and at the lack of offers given to citizens: therefore I think that it is not only a formal change but also a change of contents.

Q.) Passing to foreign politics, dating back from when you were involved in Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance) you have always shown that you were against American wars of aggression, both regarding the attacks in the Balkans, in Afghanistan and in Iraq: which are the most profound reasons which have brought you to this? Are you favourable of the withdrawal of the Italian troops in Iraq?

A.) Yes, infact I have always expressed my feelings against wars, also against the Italian mission in Iraq. We have seen what the consequences of war and alliance to the USA have been, in Iraq: then there has also been a spreading of international terrorism. The last, serious, dramatic event has been that of the assassination of Nicola Calipari, where the United States almost said that it was our fault.

Q.) Moreover, the American statement was, to say the least, paradoxical: how do you explain this?

A.) Precisely, it was to say the least, paradoxical. They have been statements which have been almost personally offensive. So, it is one matter being definitely allied, for which you must have mutual respect, but it is another to be a subject. I believe that the right thing to do is to withdraw our troops from Iraq immediately.

Q.) Still speaking of foreign politics, can you explain and motivate your idea on the Palestinian situation?

A.) This is a conflict, unfortunately a war which has carried on for so many years. I remember that when I went to Israel there was already the Intifada. Therefore, I am definitely against the wall that the Israeli are building in West Bank.

Q.) Furthermore, Sharon’s wall is, in actual fact, illegal: for what reasons in particular do you think that it is inauspicious?

A.) I think that the wall creates further hatred, further tension. The wall has therefore been defined as being illegitimate not leaning towards any of the two parts in particular, neither that of the Palestinians nor that of the Israelis. It has been an impartial decision: this objective criterion, unfortunately, is hardly ever impartial.

Q.) Coming back to Italy, you have stated that Ciampi talks too much about Antifascism and continues to nourish divisions, and you have affirmed that you cannot forgive what has been done to your grandfather Benito Mussolini, in particular the slaughtering at Piazzale Loreto, and at the same time that one has the right not to forgive certain crimes, whether they be caused by right or left wingers.

However, what do you think should be done in order to avoid that such deep divisions be created in the future?

Do you think that it could be useful and feasible to ally oneself with several formations, also belonging to the left wing, in the presence of important convergences yet still keeping one’s own identity?

A.) Yes, Ciampi is always on about antifascism, and obviously I cannot forgive what happened to my grandfather. It is one matter to be something that cannot be considered shared memories, another is a peaceful society. If we think that we all have certain kinds of memories, and that mine must be the same as those who have experienced another kind of tragedy within their family, it is clear that this cannot be so, yet bearing in mind that from now onwards it will be necessary to definitely create a peaceful world where one can also fight common battles.

Q.) Is there anything particularly specific which you propose concerning legal matters and possibly regarding any other issue which has not been adequately covered by the press?

A.) Unquestionably, I am not in agreement with the freedom of the prisoner who raped that little boy and then killed him.

Q.) What about the case of Silvestro Delle Cave and the scandalous release of one of the paedophiles?

A.) Yes, when there’s a paedophile who rapes and kills a child and only serves 8 years imprisonment instead of doing a life sentence and throwing away the key, I must say that this is a disgrace. When you go to prison for having committed a crime, especially against children and women, well, you just can’t get away with it: you must serve the entire sentence. There are offences, especially those of a sexual nature, which, for society’s sake, need a certain degree of severity: otherwise both women and children are undefended, they don’t have any value whatsoever and this is very serious indeed. As regards aspects which need to be highlighted further in the programme, well, I insist that above all, in the social field, I feel at my own ease, in the areas where there is degradation, because there’s a great need to reach out to these people. I have never liked unfairness, and therefore we work in this direction: obviously we work also outside the electoral campaign. These are our initiatives, they all have a social basis: that is, for example when I go in front of the Fiat factory and protest side by side with the workers, I never ask myself whether the protest is a right or a left wing one: it is simply a social protest and that’s all.

(Translation into English by Terry Marshall)

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[This article was published on the Italian journal il Quotidiano di Caserta]

Antonella Ricciardi , 19th May 2005