Interview with Eileen Fleming

Eileen Fleming with Mordechai Vanunu

In this interview Eileen Fleming, a New Yorker activist against wars carried out by the Bush administration firstly in Afghanistan and then in Iraq, expresses some of her most significant positions. Eileen Fleming, who is also an artist, authoress of poems and historically set fiction, in particular a critic of that train of thought, defined Christian Zionism, spread especially in the U.S.A., who does not read the Bible in the light of the teachings of the Gospels. Christian Zionism doe not therefore give enough importance to the concepts of love and forgiveness, and so, for Eileen, a heretic who betrays the true spirit of Christianity.The followers of the Christian-Zionism unconditionally support the State of Israel, considering that, according to their theology, His birth was a sign of the forthcoming happy ending of the times...Nevertheless, they also think that it must lead to the final annihilation of the Jews, should they not convert from their ancient religion. Furthermore Fleming, who defines herself as a Celtic Christian, with reference not only to a part of her origins but also to her spirituality, which greatly highlights the sense of nature, particularly withheld by the druid priests of the ancient Celtic civilisation, illustrated also in her commitment in favour of the affirmation of American political parties not included in the Republican-Democratic duopolies and the nuclear disarming. Another important goal of Eileen’s activities is that in favour of the Israeli population and Mordechai Vanunu’s freedom, who is a friend of hers. The latter, of Jewish origins and then converted to Christianity is a technician in the Dimona nuclear plant, reported the illegal Israeli nuclear situation, and unjustly spent more than 18 years in prison….At present Vanunu, with Maroccan roots, has problems with the law yet again, due to the Israeli authorities’ accusations, which according to Eileen are decisively unfounded. In order to further study Eileen Fleming’s train of thought, it can be particularly interesting to visit her blog in Internet, entitled WAWA (We are wide awake), using this link:

Q.) You are an animator of the organisation "We are wide awake", from many years engaged in peace talks in the Middle East, and particularly in favour of the dismantling of the Israeli nuclear arsenal: what are the main initiatives promoted by you in order to support this aim?

A.) No, I am the only one in the organization technically-I hire a web person to maintain the site, but I am responsible for all content, not long at all! It was after 9/11 that I searched for a better way than wanting revenge or being afraid. I connected with an interfaith group trying to do something positive-raising awareness of The Wall and funds to plant some of the million + olive trees that have been plowed up for concrete slabs and electricfied fences. About the Middle East, this is From May 25, 2006 blog:As a kid I never understood why there had to be a Nagasaki after Hiroshima. Adults would tell me America's use of nuclear weapons "saved thousands of American lives." When I would ask: "What about the thousands of Japanese that died?" They would sigh but never had a reply.
On pages 102-103 of John Dear's "Living Peace" he wrote: "The United States did not need to drop any more bombs to end World War II, despite widespread misconceptions to the contrary. Leading historians and researchers...have proven that the war was about to end, and that the U.S. government knew it. What the historians are telling us is that the U.S. had the atomic bomb and planned to use it before Japan surrendered in order to show that the U.S., not the Soviet Union, would be recognized as the worlds superpower. The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were meant to send a strong signal to the Soviet government, not to end the war. They then justified a trillion-dollar nuclear arms race that meant big business for the Pentagon and billions of dollars in profits for its weapons manufacturers...the atomic bombings were not needed to force Japan's surrender, they were deliberately dropped to ensure America's superiority over the Soviet Union. Japan was near collapse and ready to surrender if they could retain their emperor, Dr. Barton Bernstein, Professor of History and Director of International Relations at Stanford University, explained. The U.S. knew this. The U.S. had decoded Japanese cables to the Soviets."
"The pursuit of truth is ultimately the pursuit of God."-John Dear, Jesuit priest, author, peace activist. So, ultimately all I am after is the truth. The fact that any country/state has nukes will make others want them too. It sounds like a fantasy, but world wide nuclear disarmament is the only answer. And it is up to the strong to lead first.
And I also do not like bullies, and the two best friends in the world; USA and Israel have become two big bullies. ISRAEL locks up Vanunu for 18-really, now its 20 years- for telling the truth! But Israel has not signed the NPT, No inspectors have ever been inside the Dimona [that is leaking and endangering the health-and security!-of Israeli citizens], and Israel govt. is allowed to continue a policy of nuclear ambiguity because of USA silent collusion, Waging war on Iraq on the thought that WMD would be there when Israel has a stockpile that has never been inspected is something I hope USA government would consider when they talk about the war on terror and why do some people hate us? Could it be the hypocrisy in foreign policy, maybe?

Q.) You're consequently committed in favour of Mordechai Vanunu's freedom, the engineer of the plant in Dimona, which is at present Christian, of Jewish origin, and which reported the unlawful nuclear situation of the State of Israel: can you indicate the principal violations of the human rights suffered by Vanunu from 1986, the year in which he was charged?

A.) No, Vanunu was a low level tech, not a scientist, not an engineer. He has two degrees though: philosophy and geography. I answer with this... From a letter I wrote to Israeli govt which mentions a few
Dear Prime Minister Ariel Sharon,Minister of Justice Tzippi Livni,Minister of Defence Shaul Mofaz, Minister of Foreign Affairs Silvan Shalom, Ophir Paz-Pines, Minister for the Interior and American Consulate,
From a letter dated September 19, 2005 [Ref:441] from Mr. Boaz Oren, Esq. Deputy Director at Ministry of JUSTICE regarding Mordechai Vanunu leads me to a few more questions. I am a curious Christian and American citizen and hope and trust that one of you will be able to enlighten me regarding the following issues:

1."Vanunu was prosecuted and convicted of transmission of secret information with the intent to harm state security...and of aiding the enemy during a state of war."
Vanunu served his 18 years and more and as Israeli security has not been breached by his actions of twenty years ago, exactly WHY is he still held captive?

2. "...Mr. Vanunu is prohibited from...having contacts or exchange of information with foreign citizens or residents, as well as chats on the internet."
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN in 1948 was ratified by Israel and Article 18 states : "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought and conscience."
Article 19 states "Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers."
My question is why does a democracy deny these Articles they have agreed to uphold?

3.[6]"The court accepted the State's evaluation that Mr. Vanunu is likely to reveal additional secret information, not previously published, thus further harming Israel's security interests."
As Israel has not suffered from anything Vanunu revealed in twenty years except for poor Public Relations and as he has not set foot in Israel's WMD Program in twenty years, what could he possibly know that he has not already said? I wonder what has taken place underground in the last twenty years and why the IAEA Inspectors have not been allowed to go underground and check it out?
4.[7]"Mr. Vanunu has repeatedly stated in various communications found in his prison cell that his long imprisonment did not subdue or lessen his will and intent to expose and publish confidential material regarding his classified work...Vanunu has actually prepared a number of notebooks with detailed sketches and charts, including exhaustive records of structures, devices, methods and procedures...which in the opinion of the Court, [he] wishes to publish."
My question is as all these materials are in the possession of the Israeli government and surely things have changed in twenty years and even if Vanunu could recall what he wrote and drew, who would care? How could drawings from twenty year old memories harm Israel? And as Article 1 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states:
"All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood."

Vanunu acted out of conscience not malice or he would have immediately sold the photos he shot in Dimona instead of carrying them around undeveloped while in Russia before he went to Australia and was baptized a Christian.
Perhaps if re-reading the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS would help you respond to my wonderment, I have included it here.
With Respect and in solidarity that Inalienable Human Rights for all human beings is the only way to peace and security.
Thank you for any reply.
Eileen Fleming

"What does the Lord require? Act JUSTLY, love mercy and walk humbly with your God."-Micah 6:8
Needless to say, I never heard back from any Israeli official except for the Minister of Information requesting more information from me!

Q.) You are American, and also just in your country you're engaged in the opposition at the imperialist wars, included the recent war in Iraq: so you are organizing for this conferences in the State of New York, in Florida, and also out of the U.S.A.: can you explain why do you consider the Christinan-Zionism the most dangerous of the fundamentalisms?

A.) From April 4, 2006 blog
SOME HISTORY, a caveat and excerpts from the blog follow:
Premellenial Dispensation is a fundamentally flawed theology and its misguided followers worship a god of Armageddon and not the God of Golgotha. Over the next few weeks WAWA will be addressing the heretical teachings of Christian Zionism and the myths that are preventing a JUST peace in Israel Palestine where all the people of the land will share the land in peace and security.

In 1891, Christian fundamentalist and lay-preacher, William Blackstone appealed to President Benjamin Harrison to help establish a Jewish state in Palestine.
Blackstone was a disciple of Dwight L. Moody and they both were influenced by the father of premillenial dispensationalism, John Nelson Darby.
Darby had great success in connecting with the post-Civil War survivors and was able to transmit a new theology into the heartland of America.
Despite the horrifying news of Czarist pogroms that could have been the catalyst to establishing a Jewish state before the Holocaust, the fundamentalists moved onto the Scope’s Trial and forgot about the Jews for a while.
Fifty years later and after six million innocents were cold bloodedly murdered, and then only after the British Mandate ran out, Israel was born.
Most evangelicals interpreted the establishment of Israel to be the fulfillment of -how they understood and interpreted- certain prophetic scriptures.
They believe they are on the countdown to the return of Jesus.
They interpreted the Israeli victory in the 1967 War and the capture of Jerusalem, the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai and the Golan Heights to be an act of God and not because of Israeli superior military might.
The American Bi-Centennial in 1976 was a watershed year for the religious right. While mainline churches declined evangelical fundamentalist churches became the fastest growing sector of American Christianity. TIME magazine named 1976 as The Year of The Evangelical and suddenly they became a legitimate political and religious force.
“Following the War of 1967, Israel gained an increased portion of USA foreign aid and military budgets, becoming the ‘western pillar’ of the USA strategic alliance against Soviet incursion into the Middle East…During this period AIPAC and other pro-Israeli lobby agencies began their ascent to power in shaping USA foreign policy. The Roman Catholic Church and mainline Protestant denominations began to develop a more balanced approach to the Middle East, bringing them closer to the international consensus on the Palestinian question. Pro-Israel organizations interpreted this shift as being Anti-Israel and in turn began to court the conservative Christians.”-pg. 35 Challenging Christian Zionism
In 1977, when President Carter stated “The Palestinians deserve a right to their homeland.”
The Christian fundamentalists and Israeli lobby responded with full page ads stating: “The time has come for evangelical Christians to affirm their belief in biblical prophecy and Israel’s divine right to the land…and affirm our belief in the Promised Land to the Jewish people.” [Ibid]
The Reagan White House hosted a series of seminars from the Israeli lobby and Christian right. This was when Hal Lindsay, Pat Robertson, Jerry Fawell and the Moral majority infiltrated the West Wing.
“Fawell received a Lear Jet from the Israeli government for his personal travel…When Israel bombed the Iraqi nuclear plant in 1981, Prime Minister Begin called Jerry Fawell [before he called Reagan] to ask him ‘to explain to the Christian public the reasons for the bombings.’” [Ibid pg. 37]
In 1996, Netanyahu and Likud ideology dominated Israeli policy and 17 evangelical USA pastors pledged their support of illegal colonies in the West Bank, Gaza, the Golan Heights and full support for a Jerusalem under sovereignty of Israel.
The Christian Zionists launched a PR campaign under the banner: “Christians Call for a United Jerusalem.”
They ignored the fact that they were in conflict with American policy and the Oslo process as well as a direct attack on Roman Catholic and mainline Protestant unity with the Churches for Middle East Peace that called for a Shared Jerusalem.
From April 14th:
The goal of Jewish Zionism is to bring Jews from their Diaspora into Israel so that they would have peace and security.
The goal of Christian Zionism is to bring all the Jewish people to Israel in order that they be converted to Christianity or be annihilated. Their theology reeks of anti-Semitism and heresy.
Heresy is defined as a belief or opinion opposed to official established views or doctrines. The Christian Zionists have left behind Christ’s message of nonviolent resistance, forgiveness and love from their heretical and misunderstood reading of scripture.
Because of fundamentalism, religion has often failed at its commission: to point the way to God and to teach ethical behavior.

In the second century the Greek theologian, Irenaeus decided there should be only four gospels. Gospel means good news, and before Emperor Constantine legitimized Christianity in the 4th century, Christians were diverse in their understanding of what it meant to be a follower of The Way, which was the first name for a Christian.
From April 16th blog:
Two thousand years ago zealots, dissidents, criminals and anyone that disrupted the status quo were crucified by the empire of Rome: the occupying force at that time.
In the first few centuries after Christ, his followers were not called Christians but followers of The Way. They were diverse in what gospels they read and how they understood Christ’s message. There was lively debate back then and that is exactly what is needed now, especially in America.

For too long the mainstream churches have neglected to confront, challenge and correct the heresy of today's neo-Christian Zionism. As neo-cons are not true conservatives, neo-Christian Zionists are lacking in the understanding of what is necessary to be a Christian.

Many good people today do not know the history of why they believe what they believe.

Christ preached about social justice and equality. He chose the radical revolutionary way of nonviolent resistance even to the point of being nailed to a cross. He related to woman as fully equal, he was kind to the ignorant and was caustically sarcastic to the arrogant. Christ’s message was all about forgiveness and love never war and not Armageddon.

Neo-Christian Zionists worship a Jesus made over in their image as a wrath filled warrior and empire builder. I assert that neo-Christian Zionists are an even greater threat to humanity than any militant corruptors of Islam for they exert influence on American foreign and domestic policy.

While the goal of Jewish Zionism is to bring Jews from their Diaspora into Israel so that they would have peace and security the goal of Christian Zionism is to bring all the Jewish people to Israel in order that they either be converted or be annihilated in the battle of Armageddon.

Neo-Christian Zionism theology reeks of anti-Semitism and heresy and its tentacles have grasped this presidency.

“In the spring of 2002, Israel responded to the Passover suicide bombing by re-invading the West Bank and conducted a devastating siege if Jenin, including the bulldozing of much of its refugee camp, following a fierce resistance. The international community brought persistent pressure on US President Bush demanding he order Ariel Sharon to withdraw the Israeli military forces at once. A stern looking President stated at a April 2, 2002 press conference: “Withdraw! Withdraw your troops now!”
At that point Jerry Fawell and other Christian Zionist leaders working closely with the pro-Israel lobby organizations responded by mobilizing tens of thousands of telephone calls, emails and letters to the President. According to a CBS-TV “Sixty Minutes” report of 6 October 2002, demanding that the President refrain from criticizing Israel and that he allow the Israeli army to do its job in 'fighting the war on terrorism.'” [pg. 41 "Challenging Christian Zionism" ]

Bush caved, went mute and the Israeli Occupying Forces intensified their bombardment of Jenin and other West Bank cities and refugee camps.

“Christian Zionist organizations and the pro-Israeli lobby are among the significant special interest groups that have converged since the election of George W. Bush to shape the new administration’s policy towards the Middle East, and for that matter, much of its foreign policy. Among the other powerful forces to converge with the pro-Israel lobby and the Christian Zionists are the neo-conservative ideologues, the multi-national construction agencies [Halliburton] and the military industry…The tragic events of 11 September 2001 provided the occasion for these movements and trends to unite in such a way that they became the primary forces that have shaped the policies of this Administration.

…the number of Evangelicals range from 90 to 100 million, of which 20-25% would be classified fundamentalist…A Time/CNN poll noted 59% of evangelicals believe the Battle of Armageddon, Rapture and the rise of the Anti-Christ are literal historical developments which will occur in the near future.…the intimate relationship the Bush Administration shares with the Christian right and the pro-Israeli lobby, including former US Attorney General John Ashcroft…and Tom Delay” [Ibid pg 42-43] who "has been a very negative behind-the-scenes influence in terms of trying to get legislation and appropriations approved that would have advanced the peace process," [WAWA NEWS ARCHIVES: DeLay Heralded By Pro-Israel Group] in Israel Palestine.
“For a number of years it has been clear that Christian Zionists are close to people in power in Washington D.C…When one combines their influence with that of the neo-conservatives and the pro-Israeli lobby; AIPAC, their impact becomes formidable. In the political arena they have been influencing American foreign policy in the Middle East, not for a just peace that takes into consideration the rights and well being of both peoples-Israelis and Palestinians-but for whatever is in Israel’s favor.

In other words, they have sought to guarantee the continuation of Israel’s domination and oppression of the Palestinian people...In the case of Christian Zionism, we are not up against an academic theological debate that goes on within theological schools or among scholars and bears no consequences on people’s lives. We are confronted with false teachings based on the Bible that are a matter of life and death to [millions] in another part of the world. [Challenging Christian Zionism pg. 17]

“There are between 25 to 30 million pro-Israeli Christians in America…led by 80,000 fundamentalist pastors and their views disseminated by 1,000 Christian radio stations and 100 TV stations.” [IBID pg.21]

"By combining the forces of the most powerful political lobby in D.C.: AIPAC and its various networks with fundamentalist Christian pulpits, radio and television these united forces [have brought] significant political and economic pressure on every vote in the Senate, House as well as the Bush presidency. Their support of Sharon's ideology [has been] unquestioned and supported by biblical footnotes."[IBID pg. 43]
Why do Christian Zionists believe what they do?
In the 19th century religious interests in Ottoman Palestine grew as Victorian era travelers visited in droves.

J.N. Darby, an Irish pastor is known as the father of Christian Zionism. During his 60 year ministry he called for a return to a literal understanding of scripture. It was his eschatology [the branch of theology dealing with death, resurrection, judgment, etc.] that became known as Dispensationalism which teaches the literal fulfillment of prophecies in the near-present age.

Darby wove together disparate scriptures to promote the idea of a rapture, rise of the anti-Christ, Armageddon and Christ’s return. Darby believed then revival of Israel would be the catalyst of the End Times.

Darby made 8 trips to the USA but was met with indifference until leading evangelists like Dwight Moody and Billy Sunday spread his theology like wildfire by dramatizing the fear in Darby’s scenario.

In 1909 Cyrus Scofield published the Scofield Reference Bible which uses footnotes inherited from Darby’s theological misunderstandings. To date over 2 million of these bibles have been sold, mostly in America.

In 1917 The Balfour Declaration stated that Palestine should be the home for the Jewish people but it made no reference to the Palestinians who already lived there.
“It was clearly Balfour’s opinion that ‘the present inhabitants’ need not be consulted, either before or after.’ That 90% of the population of Palestine were Arabs of whom around 10% were Christian seemed irrelevant to the politicians and Zionists who had another agenda….it is these ambiguities that have plagued Middle East peace negotiations for the last hundred years, right up to the Road Map.” [IBID p.31]

Five weeks after the Balfour Declaration, the Turks handed Jerusalem over to Britain and Dispensationalist theology became firmly tied to Israel by fundamentalist Christians.

When Israel became a state in 1948 the Dispensationalists were ecstatic. When Israel attained a swift victory in 1967-many hailed it as a divine miracle-the theology entered the mainstream.

In 1970 Hal Lindsay published "The Late Great Planet Earth" which popularized and dramatized the unfolding political events in Israel as he interpreted them as being predicted in the Bible. Lindsay has sold 15 million copies of that book alone and he “is often hailed as the father of apocalyptic Christian Zionism…and he continues to exert tremendous influence…But today the influential voices in the movement belong to Tim LeHay and Jerry Jenkins, authors of the Left Behind series.” [IBID pg. 49]

Those two are not deep thinking theologians but they have solidified the foundation of error for many Christians eschatology with misinformation and they have corrupted the message of Christ.

The vast majority of Christians who read "The Left Behind" series have no clue as to the history of where the theology of a vengeful Christ comes from.

They stop at Chapter 19 with Armageddon and never get to the vision of Gods new world: of God being raptured down to earth with us in a renewed paradise.

If only the Christian Zionists-and the authors of the "Left Behind" series-had read to the end of the book known as John’s Revelation; which is his dream, his vision, his poetry they would discover his stern admonishment:

“I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. If anyone takes words away from this book, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life.” Revelation 22:18-19

So, what is the book of Revelation really about?
The Book of Revelation was written in a time of occupation. It was written twenty years after the empire of Rome had reconquered Palestine and had crushed a Jewish resistance movement.

The Book of Revelation is political and spiritual. John, exiled on Patmos [or perhaps he is a refugee?] confronts the unjust empire of the first century by exposing or unveiling -which is what apocalyptic literature does- the injustice he sees all around him.

The Book of Revelation was never meant to be understood literally; even Christian Zionists understand this fact now and then. In John’s revelation Christ is pictured as a lamb; the absolute contrast to the lion.

It is the nonviolent lamb that points us the way that Christ taught: that the way to peace can only be through nonviolence.

The Book of Revelation was written as a critique of empire and that is how we should read it today.

“More and more biblical scholars today are looking at the New testament in the context of empire. The author of Revelation looks straight into the face of Roman claims to eternal empire, and says: “No, God is going to conquer.”

…less than 200 years ago, British pastor John Nelson Darby took the second coming of Christ, and split it into two parts:

First Jesus would come to rapture people off the earth, snatch them to heaven, and then there would be a 7 year period of tribulation in which God would inflict terrible disasters on the earth.

Then Jesus would come again, a second-second time to establish his reign on earth.

This fiction invented by Darby is very interesting to our time because it has an escapist slant in which true blue-born again Christians are snatched up to heaven, thus avoiding the period of tribulation, while they watch God inflict disasters on earth.


…Jesus clearly states that God is with us. This is also the message of revelation…but fundamentalists never get [the] point…The core vision of the book is not of people being raptured away to heaven but rather of God being raptured down to earth with us.”[IBID Pages 271-274 /which is from the lecture by Barbara Rossing, Ordained Pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In her book The Rapture Exposed she reclaims the message of hope the Dispensationalists miss.]
I wonder what Professor Pastor Rossing would say about the Gnostic belief that the second coming has already happened for those whose hearts have opened and minds transformed by the Prince of Peace: AKA Christ.
G.K. Chesterton observed the problem is not with Christianity but that too few who claim to be one, have actually done it.

Fundamentalists must be challenged from those within their same faith path.
So, here is my challenge to my fundamentally minded sisters and brothers: to remember that The Prince of Peace promised that it is the peacemakers who are the children of God and that the peace of the world may very well begin in a shared Jerusalem.

Q.) And why, according to you, has Bush misinterpreted the advice of Jesus Christ?

A.) Because he claimed his favorite philosopher was Christ. Thomas Jefferson' weeded out the miracle stories in the gospels and clarified the teachings of Christ in THE PHILOSOPHY AND MORALS of JESUS of NAZARETH:
1. Be just: justice comes from virtue which comes from the heart.
2. Treat people the way we want to be treated.
3. Always work for PEACEFUL resolutions, even to the point of returning violence with COMPASSION.
4. Consider valuable the things that have no material value.
5. Do not judge others.
6. Do not bear grudges.
7. Be modest and unpretentious.
8. Give out of true generosity, not because we expect to be repaid.
9. Being true to one's self in more important than being loyal to one's family...those who think they know the most are the most ignorant......

I say when everyone who claims to be a Christian actually does the philosophy, it will change the world!

Q.) Before the end of the year you shall take part at an initiative in Bethlehem to support the liberty of the Palestinian people and the end of Israeli occupation: are you optimistic or not about the involvement in this for the American politicals?

A.) Yes I am optimistic because in a democracy we the people can rise up and be the government and that is why I am running for House of Rep. District 5 in Florida.

Q.) And why?

A.) Someone has to and when I looked around for them, I only saw me, so my hope is to be the first not-a politician-to run for congress and raise the issues congress and media prefer to ignore.

Q.) You are well-known also for your cultural- artistic(al) production, because you are authoress of poetries, fictions of historical inspiration, more than editor of the WAWA blog (about the association "We are wide awake"). Can you describe the main chracteristics of these activities?

A.) NOT! I have only had a website for less than a year-I find it amazing a few thoughtful people in the world have read me, but I am not well known anywhere!
YIKES! All I can say is hyper-active kids grow up to be hyper-active adults and so I am wired as an inquisitive challenge to authority; I have always been! 9/11 though is what really woke me up that some people hated not just US foreign policy but Americans! I only know good American’s and I believe we the people of the USA are better than our current leadership and we will rise up and do the right thing when more regular people become involved in govt. The two-party system is a joke-neither side has vision or passion at the moment. My hope is that Independents, Greens, socialists, etc. will rise up and be the viable alternative and “be the change we want to see in the world”-Gandhi

Translation from English into Italian by Antonella Ricciardi and Terry Marshall
[This article was published on these journals: Deasport, Caserta24ore, ICN News (International Christian network), Corriere di Aversa e Giugliano, Ciaoeuropa]

Antonella Ricciardi , 30th May 2006